Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Swept away

The last two days have been very busy, I have been preparing for Bible Study, attending a prayer meeting for city pastors, participating in a men's club golf tournament, as well as house work, and taking time to talk with folks. Yet, my to do list seems to have only grown larger! All those things I said yes to meant saying no to other things. I feel the pressure of all those undone tasks burdening me. I feel swept away by the current of tasks done and undone, and I cannot seem to breathe. Til now that is, taking a moment to pause and reflect, to settle my soul in what I am experiencing, to release all of this to the Great Creator, so I can feel ready for what comes next is grace. God is waiting for me to slow all my frantic thinking, and guide me to what is really important. Dear God, I make choices every day that are important. Help me stay connected to you, even when I feel swept away, so I might stand still and be grounded in your presence. Amen

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