Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday: Moving towards Sunday: Matthew 21:23-32

I always take the scriptures seriously, I even more take them seriously when Jesus addresses the leaders of the religious communities. I am aware of the multiple to do items on my list as I start this new week, meetings to be planned, worship to be created, studying for bible study class, visits to name but a few on my mind. In addition there are personal to dos that I need to get to as well. As I listen to the scripture for this coming Sunday, I wonder if I can keep from the trap of saying I will go and then relent, to do all the to do items on my list, especially those I have promised others I would do. I am not always able to follow Jesus clearly, to focus on being a disciple, of bringing good news when all the to do items keep dancing in my head. This week I pray for focus on being a bearer of good news, of discerning what God is calling me to do, and allowing all the noise to fade away as I work in the vineyard so I might be transformed by the Holy Spirit in all that I do. Dear God, I dedicate this week to your work. I open my heart to your Spirit to guide me to what I really need to do this week as I commit myelf to work in the vineyard. Amen

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