Tuesday, September 13, 2011

After taking Monday to rest up from the busy week leading up to 9/11/11, I am back at work, today I am praying with the Preschool at their chapel time. On Sunday I talked about how our Grandparents can be a source of wisdom, especially when we find ourselves trying to make sense of tragedy. The wisdom of those who have lived through many changes and difficult circumstances, can help anchor us when life seems so chaotic. I give thanks for my grandparents, for the way they cared for me, and even though they are now gone from my sight, their love stays with me. When I eat a slice of apple pie, I think of my grandmother Whitter who was such a good baker. When I have a doughnut I think of my Grandmother Marshall, who also was a bible study teacher, and faithful lay speaker. When I see a farm I think of my Grandfather Whitter, and when I paint a room I think of my Grandfather Marshall, who painted and wallpapered many homes during his work career. I have fond memories of visiting them, of them visiting us, I cherish these memories. This week I want to offer the wisdom they taught me to the world. Dear God, help me find ways of sharing your love witht the world this week. I give thanks for those who have loved me, especially my grandparents. Thank you for the blessing of wisdom and may I be wise in all my work and play this week!Amen.

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LeroyMoore said...

This is beautiful Steve.