Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guatemala Project Missionaries with us on Sunday!

Coming up on Sunday! Sharing God’s Love since 1992- Guatemala Mission Project A Program of Interfaith Action International, a religious non-profit organization The Guatemala Mission Project will be sharing on Sunday the 18th of Sept 2011. Before and after church, unique items will be offered for purchase. Made out of hand-made materials; purses, scarves, jackets, jewelry, etc, will be available. We thank you for your great support of this mission project affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Our vision is for Guatemalan Mayans to have a voice in their own future. We have been working in the highlands of Guatemala with the Methodist Church, serving primarily poor indigenous persons since 1992. We have taken 20 volunteer construction teams and six medical teams. Winter 2011 Jan. 21st to Jan. 31st A mission team of 12 people replaced a home destroyed by mudslides caused by hurricane Agatha in May of 2010 and installed 60 wood efficiency stoves. The new stoves only use 30% of the amount of the wood compared to their old stoves; they protect the environment, and improve the health conditions by reducing the smoke in the homes. Summer 2011 July 8th to July 25th, 2011 Two mission teams, with a total of 18 people, ages 11 to 86 worked together with local Guatemalans, replacing a home destroyed by mudslides in May of 2010 and installed 100 wood efficiency stoves in 50 individual homes. Each home that utilizes these stoves reduces their carbon foot print, similar to removing one car from the road. And improves the general family health and increases the family income. Winter 2012 We will be installing more wood efficiency stoves for indigenous women and replacing a home for mudslide victims. The mission teams will be Feb 3rd thru Feb 20. Consider being part of a team. Student Scholarships We have made the commitment to provide school scholarships to 72 children & youth. You may sponsor an elementary school child for only $75 a year, $100 for a middle school student, and $150 for high school equivalent. You may sponsor a particular child if you want. The scholarship provides for any school fees, books, school supplies, sometimes a school sweater, making it possible for very poor, often orphaned children to continue their education. To make this work possible, the Guatemala Mission Project visits churches in the district and conference, speaking and selling merchandise purchased from cooperatives and small family owned businesses. All proceeds from donations and sells are used to fund the mission program in Guatemala. For further information: Carol Conger-Cross, Program Director 619-248-2976 Project Email Web page:

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