Sunday, December 4, 2011

Who is Joseph?

This week is a time to reflect on Joseph,the father of Jesus.We do not know much about him from the scripture except that he is described by Matthew, "being a righteous man" (Mt 1:19 NRSV). In those days if a woman was found to be pregnant out of wedlock, well that was not tolerated well by the community to say the least. Joseph,however did not automatically dismiss Mary in a way that would bring her pain, rather Joseph took time to contemplate another way, one that would be don quietly. Sometimes I give into the temptation to jump to quick conclusions without considering all the circumstances. Sometimes I get upset because of what I perceive to be the truth. If Joseph had considered why Mary was pregnant, and how that might have come about, he may of reached conclusions that were not true at all. Mary was unfaithful, she was lying, etc. I learn from Joseph to take time to reflect, to listen to the Spirit of God, and then act in a righteous way, a way that is just and honorable. How about you, what do you learn from Joseph?

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