Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Ready

Today I am conscious of how the days are moving along quickly, the activities are unfolding fast and I am scrambling to keep grounded. Writing is one way that I can slow down the pace of life, and reflect. Other times I can take a walk and be aware of nature, have a deep conversation with someone about what is going on in our lives, all these are ways I can keep sane. But even with my best methods there are times when life gets out of hand, and I am unable to keep up.
I come to the end of the week frustrated at all the things I did not do.
When I realize how frazzled I am, I have a choice, to stop and reconnect with my Creator, or try to push onward, and eventually breaking down,my body can only tolerate so much abuse. As I write, I realize today I need to do something to reconnect to God, to the joy of the coming of Jesus into my life. How about you? What nurtures your soul?

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