Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today is World AIDS day, a time for us to focus on this important issue. We may feel the enormity of disease, how many lives are lost, how many new infections, medicines that work for some and not for others. I think of the newly diagnosed and how their lives are changed when they receive the news of their blood test. I think of those who have lived many years, who have watched as their friends die and they wonder if they are next. I think of those who have no one to talk to about what it means to live with HIV, because they are afraid to let any one know. I think of organizations that do all they can to educate and support those who are positive and those who are family members, friends. I think of the funding that supports so many vital programs. I think of the person who is making a decision right now that will lead them to being infected, who is in denial that this will happen to them.
We cannot by ourselves find a cure, or remove the stigma, or provide services, or reach the isolated, but together we can do great things. Do not let the enormity of the issue cause you to be inactive, be an active advocate, start where you are, find out what organizations are in your neighborhood, find one way to be a part of the cure, part of the care, part of the advocacy. Together we can work to change the world by our efforts joined together with others.

Dear God, on this World Wide AIDS day on which we lift up all those who live with HIV or AIDS, we pray for strength for their journey. May each one know your love for them, how precious they are to you. We pray too for those who are working with those living with this disease, thank you for the researchers, the doctors, all the staff of the various clinics and service centers around the world who are on the front lines in the caring of those living with HIV/AIDS. We pray for their families and friends, their support is vital, and so we dedicate ourselves to being a part of this support. Help us break through our resistance, our preconceived notions, our prejudice so we might bring healing a reality for those who often feel isolated by this disease. Break open our hearts so we might pour your tender loving care on all who live with HIV/AIDS, we ask this in Jesus Name, Amen

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