Thursday, December 15, 2011


Change is hard for me, especially when the changes I have to make come unexpectedly. There are times when I am sailing along through the charted waters of life, and all seems manageable. Then a storm hits sending me off course, and I struggle to get my bearings again. What it must of been like for Mary after she had the visit from the angels, or what Joseph must of felt when he had a dream telling him of the future. Their lives would never be the same, and neither are ours. The child they cared for and raised would become our savior, and he would be all about change, changing the world in ways that still have implications for our world. We are to keep fighting for the needs of those who are often overlooked. The poor the outcast, the oppressed, still need our love. We need to care for the world in ways that change the systems of oppression and keep the poor, poor. Jesus invites us to the ministry that always is changing to meet the challenges we face. Does your heart have room for the changes that are at your door?

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