Thursday, November 17, 2011


In my daily practice of writing in the morning, I have been taking time to write a word of thanks to those in my life. I have included people I know in my church, my family, people who I stay in touch through the internet, and people who who are strangers but whose names show up in my life. I have noticed that starting the day with this simple practice has changed my whole attitude to the day. I am much more aware of the giving of others, I am much more aware of how much I want to give.
I am not sure if I can adequately express how taking time to give thanks for people, for the day, for the guidance of God is changing me, but I can sense the change. A job coach I was having a discussion with talked about how the big mistake a job applicant will make going into an interview. The applicant will talk about how much they need the job, how it would change their life etc. However, if an applicant can be clear about what they can offer to the employer that will help them, then people see the value of the applicant becoming an important part of the work.
Sometimes I forget what I have to offer is exactly what others need. I want to be clear about my giving for the transformation of the world, and how God is calling me to give all that I can so others will be blessed.

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