Thursday, November 10, 2011

Operating in silo's

Yesterday I went to a homeless summitt, to examine how we can end homelessness. One of the speakers commented that organizations often operate in silo's, that is to see only their work and focus on only what they are doing without seeing the other work of countless other folks. So the result is that city angencies do not see the work of the county agencies, who do not see the state agencies, who do not see the fedral work, who does not see the world wide work.
As those who care about this important issue we need to work with one another, and for one another. Another speaker pointed out that people who are homeless have multiple issues that need to be addressed, but they should not have to go to one place to get food another to get shelter, another to get dental work. The systems are too complicated and the persons trying to change get frustrated.
I wonder how I can help, and what I need to change in my own life so I can help those who are homeless, and work for the prevention of homelessness?

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