Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moving to Sunday

Now that our annual meeting is done here at the church, I am focusing on Thanksgiving and advent. I have been reading the Journey by Adam Hamilton in preparation for the theme of Advent for our church. So I wrote a poem:

Amidst the rush of Thankmas
Tucked behind the noise
The small still voice calls.

Beneath the stacks of decorations
Hidden by all the lights
The small still voice calls

Beyond blaring music
In the simple harmony of life
A small still voice calls

The voice of the prophet brings promise
the voice of the angel brings truth
The voice of Mary brings faith
The voice of Joseph brings righteousness

All echo the small still voice of God
proclaiming the good news
the arrival of Jesus
and the promise of his return!

God is with us now!
God is with us always!


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