Sunday, November 20, 2011

As I write I am grateful for the wonderful worship experience we celebrated together yesterday. We had participants representing our committees leading worship, a visual reminder of how so many volunteer so unselfishly. We dedicated our pledges and after an early low count, this week we are very close to our goal for the new year. And we were able to have some great food during our after worship pot-luck.
Now I turn to preparing for our annual meeting, called a charge conference, on Tuesday. There is much to celebrate as we remember the last year, and all we accomplished, all we lived through. There are signs of vitality as we look around, we have new people getting ready to join the church, there are new people pledging their support both financially and serving as leaders. The future looks bright as we journey together.
I have goals to improve my leadership, and invite you to set a goal to grow deeper in your relationship with God. Together, under God's guidance we can transform the world!

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