Saturday, November 19, 2011

Take the Risk!

I wonder where you will be tomorrow? As I travel to church I see people golfing, going to a shopping center, going to the gym, lining up for entrance to the fairgrounds for a special event, driving, walking, well you get the picture. People are doing many different things on a Sunday morning. I also wonder if they go to a place of worship. Maybe the service they attend are on another day or time, maybe they are going later that day, or maybe they do not go to worship. Then I wonder, what keeps them from worship, a bad experience, a lack of faith, higher priorities? And then I wonder if there is something God is calling me to do differently to reach the unchurched?
I spent a great deal of time talking to people this week, those who do not come to my church, I am listening to them, and to God's Spirit to see what I can say or do that might help them take the risk of coming to our worship service this Sunday. I don't know the answers, so I hope the dialogue will continue with those who have no church home and I might extend a word of welcome to them. For me I will be at worship tomorrow morning and invite all to join me.

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