Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Rainstorm

Howdy, greetings from Massachusetts!
Today we spent time up in Northampton at Look Park. We celebrated birthdays by having a BBQ and being in the great outdoors. Now the next part is really got dark, it got cloudy,,and then there was some loud noises, some called it thunder...then we all quickly packed up and this liquid came from the sky. I am told is called in Southern California, I have forgotten this strange sort of weather that takes place here...rain, thunder and lightening, the summer? I have forgotten this does take place. So we tried to wait out the storm but as I said it really got intense and so we gave up and went to the hotel and invited the clan to come to the hotel for cake and the continuing of the party. It took quite a while to make the journey because the storm dumped so much rain the highways were flooded and traffic was very backed up. So we finally got back on track a few hours later after quick stops to change into dry clothes, and we were able to sing happy birthday to Lucas my grand nephew who turned 1 on monday, we had cake and then went off to see the new Harry Potter film! It was great. Tommorow we head for Boston for a few days of sightseeing! Steve

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Jim Moran said...

Liquid actually fell from the sky!? Amazing!!!!