Thursday, July 19, 2007


Did you know Nelson Mandella has the same birthday as I do? Anyhow, on my birthday, July 18 to be exact we spent on the road returning from our Boston Trip, it was raining off and on so we decided to spend some time relaxing in the am, had breakfast and then hit the road. The Mass Pike has some construction going on but we made it to my parents home in good time. We stopped there and had lunch, I had scrod another dish I love here, and then we went over to my sister's to see if we could help with plans for upcoming wedding. The rain was too heavy to do any work outdoors so we took my neice and nephew home and then came down to the hotel and checked in. We took a nice nap and then went out for dinner, I had a lobster roll and then on to my sister's. I was able to go over the wedding service with Stephanie and Jose and so will be typing that up today, the rehersal is on Friday and the Wedding is 2pm Saturday. We sat around and talked for a while and then we came home and picked up a cake so my family sang me happy birthday, and gave me a few gifts. I received a new tie, fisherman's platter, and a few other goodies. Thursday will be trying to get done the bullentin for the wedding and getting ready for baptism on Sunday am. I have been asked to preach for the service so will have to dust off my preaching skills! Hope you are all well! Steve


Jim Moran said...

Of course you'll need to show some slides for your sermon, so ... so should I charge the flight to Boston on your credit card? And lobster rolls and Scrod will be fine. And the slides ... various photos of seafood dishes and maybe a few pictures of birthday cakes? You can kind of work your sermon around that.
Happy B-Day!

Jim Brewster said...

Happy Birthday -- I'm drooling about all that good food you're eating.


Arlene Brewster said...

Happy Birthday - boy this renewal leave seems tuff - Bible study went well the other night although we needed your "brillant" input.

rockinghorsenab said...

You have to stop talking about all that delicious food! My stomach starts growling every time I read your new posts! I'm glad that you had a nice B-Day and I hope that the weekend is super for your niece!