Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Greetings from Boston! We took the Beantown Trolley around town today and had a blast learning about some of the history of Boston. We also fed ourselves well, I had a lobster roll for lunch and scrod for dinner. My neice and nephew joined us and even though they have lived here in Massachusetts had never been on a tour, they had been to a few places, but that is all. One of my favorite spots was Old North church which has a plaque in it dedicated to Charles Wesley hanging up in the sanctuary on the wall. Does anyone know the fact about the one if by land two if by sea tale? I will give you a clue, Paul Revere did not successfully complete his ride but someone else did! Steve


rockinghorsenab said...

I hope that you are getting some receipes to bring home with you! Lobster roll? Yumm! I also hope that you are getting lots of pictures, I have always wanted to visit that area but always ended up in VA and NY. Glad you are all having a grand time.

Arlene Brewster said...

You are just having too much fun - and eating too well. Julie said you were going to lose weight - all this good food is not the way to go.

Jim Brewster said...

Well, Arlene said it all. We're having fun here too. Started the two Bible Studies on Micah. VBS is this Friday and Saturday. Good Times.

Have fun, see you soon.