Sunday, July 15, 2007


Here we are in Chicopee, Massachusetts. We went to a Jack and Jill shower for Jose and Stephanie, my niece and her fiance who will be getting married this Saturday. The weather has been terrific that last few days, mild and sunny, with white puffy clouds occassionally blowing by. I saw my sister who is busy getting ready for the wedding, my nephew Bryan and brother Gary, and his wife Beth. My parents and Linda, Susy and I came over together to the house. It is amazing that so many changes have taken place since being here last, new buildings being built, old places changing their face, and of course the trees are so green! There are flowers out everywhere, and I wish I knew the name of them all, but lily's, roses, are among the blooms! The rivers are full and the ponds are lovely. Amber arrived safely last night, fresh from Elementary Camp in Wrightwood. The camp went well, we are to see pictures later today. She arrived at 1am last night and we didn't get to sleep until after 2am. This is fine if you are on California time, but we are adjusting to east coast time, so I am a bit sleepy this morning. In a bit we are to go to Look Park for a joint birthday party, besides my birthday, it is my neice's, my grand nephew who just turned one and my brother's step daughter's. So we are having a big birthday party today at the park which has good sites, and a pool, paddle boats, basketball courts and is a pretty place to have a picnic. Take care, Steve

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