Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oppression doe not care

Oppression does not care how unfair it is
Oppression does not care whether you are aware or not
Oppression does not care who gets hurt
Oppression does not care about your strenuous objections

Oppression moves through life smothering hope
destroying souls
killing the innocent

And does not care

Even when we shire a light on the terrible consequences
Even when we see positive change
Oppression does not rest, does not back off, does not care

We do or should care in order for oppression to stop
We do or should care to spend our time to reverse oppression
We need to care so long, so hard so the harmful, destructive results of oppression are reversed, held at bay, healed, overcome, erased, objected to ,
So progress is made to release the captives of hate
Our work is never done, oppression does not care for progress or defeat
Oppression lurks around every corner
Ready to claim new victims every as we care.

But care will overcome uncaring every time
So care because lives depend on it, all the time.
SPM 2016

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