Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A day in the life of a pastor

Tuesday: the weather bug warns of severe hot weather until Friday, and right now I am comfortable in my home working on worship for Sunday, knowing there is a million things I should be doing since I was on vacation last week and the emails are building up and I feel like the house needs some attention, and what about those visits I have been meaning to do or the phone calls I need to make, and this is after I sat for 5 hours going through all the invitations, and check ins, and announcements from the week away that came through one sort of mail or another,and my daughter is still waiting for us to figure out how to get her back to work and the other is worried about her job, and my wife has a million things to do as well, and so writing seems just so time wasting when I need to check off my to do list those things pressing down...
Okay, it is okay God is holding me, I can see the future just ahead, and I will get there in one piece, once I breathe, once I allow for the Spirit, once I trust.