Monday, February 12, 2018

Beginning of Lent

One of the important parts of training as a triathlete is the proper breathing techniques for each sport, Breathing is as natural as, well breathing, but in sports training there are many ways to muck it up. Swimming especially is a challenge for me, sometimes I hold my breath too much, other times I breath too much. Neither helps me swim well.
The most important breathing I have discovered is not when I am running, or biking or swimming. It is when I am in the midst of my day. I find that as I get tense, I often forget to take deep breaths, and the tension mounts, taking just a minute to breath deeply helps shed the unneeded anxiety and tension that builds up. Also, when I take time to breath, I find myself more focused, and less anxious overall. I even tried a sleeping meditation before a night of a race, when is it  so hard to settle down for a good nights sleep. I was able to get more sleep than I have ever had for a pre-race night.
As Lent approaches, for us here at the Crescenta Valley United Methodist Church, and Christians around the world, it is a time to deepen our relationship to God. There are many ways to use these 40 days before Easter, and there are many different practises you can take on to see if they help you in your journey with God. I have tried many of these, fasting, praying more, special studies, but for this year I am going to make sure I am breathing enough. It is good my I watch helps remind me to do this, but perhaps we all can figure out how we can take time to breath deeply and see if it does change your life. There are many free apps out there than can help, but I would suggest joining a class or group because that helps you to be accountable to yourself as you practice this new discipline.
Breathing is natural, but we sometimes forget to breath deeply, which can be unhealthy for us.
I hope you will join me and breathe each day very deeply.
Pastor Steve