Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Christmas Gift

What started as a spark of inspiration,
In the clouded mind of a husband,
was extinguished by horror.
The horror was replaced with a question
"How was this year any different from
Failed attempts in the past
To truly give something,
To express the deep passionate love
for another?"
The task to find a gift was always
Sidetracked with fear,
Of buying the wrong gift,based on a
Faulty perception of what the other wanted.
Panic played a bigger and bigger role in the
Crucial period of time necessary
to procure this treasure until
All options fell away, and fewer choices remained.
The chill in the air was nothing like the
Frozen imagination paralyzed by fear.
Oh for unlimited resources
Unlimited wisdom and timing
The pressure pushed up ideas
As bubbles of desperation pop into the steamy air.
The gift giver cries:
"My kingdom for just one good idea!"
SPM 12-9-07

How does your christmas shopping proceed and do you have any hints to make shopping less stressful?