Monday, June 7, 2010

A poem for the grads!

Dear Graduates
On this day in 2010
Your life is about to change again
No longer under the protection of those who have taught you,
You will need now to apply all to the future new.

A lifetime of work to learn the basic tools
This will serve you after you leave school

English, math and science, history too
Will be used in good times and the blue

This is a joyful time to celebrate all you have done
The finals, papers, homework and test fun
Now behind you, now you can get a tan in the sun.

But, let me warn you now,
Life is not always a celebration, wow!
Events and people will kick you hard, POW!

You will be tested again and again,
Your have a choice with which to begin
Will you be force for healing
Or will you hurt others sending them reeling?

Will you love with all your heart
Will hate from you soul depart?
Will you care for the stranger
The weak, the child, without anger?

God calls you, yes you,
To answer the question who are you, who?
Are you the one who will pray
To see if you can bring joy in this day
Or will you be the one who causes destruction?
Will you listen for the instruction,
Of saints, friends and the Spirit Holy,
Or will you choose spirits in a bottle lowly?
Will drugs be your choice of high
Or will you seek God of sea and sky?

All these choices will define who you are
Showing others your true nature.

There will be no assignments from teachers
Only support from fellow seekers
When you choose you will never be alone out there
Your church, your family will offer care
As you travel down life’s crooked path.

Even if you were bad at math
Could not write a perfect paragraph,
Or remember who invented the telegraph

As you graduate this day
And go to work for pay

God’s Spirit, our love, will remain steadfast
As you take up a new task

Where ever the road may lead
Let me plant this seed,
Choose to walk with God
Walk with Jesus
Walk with the Saints
Walk with us
Allow all the blessings to enter you soul
And your life will be blessing to all.
No matter what problems befall.

SPM June 5, 2010