Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Vigil

Today is the day to prepare for Easter for us Pastors. I am putting together slides for the worship with the scriptures I am using: Psalm 118: 1-2, 14-24 and Acts 10:34-43 for me this year. I had some fun too, as there is a huge Hot Rod and Classic car show here today. I am following Molly the Owl and the drama of her owlets as I type and the sun is out so I am enjoying the beautiful weather.
I can see next door to the church we live next to, the original United Methodist building, which was sold to an independent church, and they have been over there all day bringing lilies, and folding chairs for their outdoor 6am Sunrise Service and so I am reminded I am not the only one preparing, and it is not only pastor's but all kinds of folks who are getting ready. In some parts of the world Easter has already begun in fact.
I am simply awed by the connection all those who celebrate Easter together this weekend. This year I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be with the same congregation for the tenth Easter together, I have learned so much from serving in this place.
I am mindful of putting aside all the tasks I need to get in to wait for the Spirit to guide and move me to put together the sermon. It is such a great responsiblity and priviledge to preach, and tomorrow many guests will be coming to church for the first time since last year, or Christmas, as well as those who are members who attend almost every week. What is the message God has for all of us this year, this Easter? I want to get it right!

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