Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When the Earth Shakes

In the December issue of Christian Century magazine, author Herbert O'Driscoll wrote an article called "Shaken". He talks about his personal journey and concludes: "To serve in an age of earthquake is to be forced to decide what it is, for each of us, that cannot be shaken". As I have heard the news from Haiti, I wonder what remains with those whose lives have been so terribly shaken by the series of shakers that continue to threaten their lives? And I wonder what can I do about it, the need is so great, and our resources so little in my church.
My belief is that there is something solid to grab onto, something that can anchor me when life is such a stormy place. This foundation cannot be shaken, not matter what might come in life. That is not to say that I never fear, that I never worry, only that there is someone to hold onto even in the midst of my fear. Jesus walks with me and I am never alone. Jesus who cares for me when I am shaking, when I fear. And I do not fear his love, but trust in it, because I believe Jesus does not want me to suffer needlessly or endlessly.
I also trust in the united power of the world to help and care. I believe we have all we need to meet the horrible events that unravel before us, but too often we are caught up in bickering with one another to truly unleash our common care. We get caught up in differences, rather than capitalizing on our common strength, to care for one another.
So I turn over my fears and worries for the people to God, trust in God to lead me and to unite me with my brothers and sisters in the world to transform the world from hurt to healing, from war to peace. How about you? How are you able to be transformed from fear to faith?

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Mandie said...

Awesome post.

How am I able to be transformed from fear to faith?

I still can't answer that question. I guess the obvious answer would be hanging on to Jesus in the midst of the storm... But that's so textbook.

I have Panic Disorder and battle with panic attacks on a daily basis. So I got Isaiah 43:3-4 tattooed down my left arm as a reminder when I'm terrified that my Creator hasn't forgotten or forsaken me.