Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week Goes by Fast

On Wednesday, I spent time in the office and worked on Bible Study for that night. I am so grateful for this Bible Study Group that is in the midst of a intensive study. The insights and discoveries of who Jesus is and what we are called to do are a part of our gathering together. And on this day I was especially glad for a group that helps me discover my place in the world.
Thursday was Parent orientation for all our preschool parents, I wrote a welcome letter and distriubuted to all our parents. I chatted with several, one family has had 3 of their children in our preschool and now their youngest is attending, the Mom tearfully said, "This will be the last year, it is going to be hard to move on". School starts this Monday, so I expect many tears from those children who have not been apart from their families before. I know in a short while these same children will not want to go home because they have made new friends and have such a great time at preschool.
Friday was rest day, a time to reflect and get some household tasks done. Then it was off to the Hollywood Bowl for music and fireworks! What a great event.
Saturday is finalizing worship and the sermon for tomorrow, and then an Angel's Game with Mercy Me performing after the game. My daughter loves this Christian Band, so it should be fun!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you kept busy - letter to preschool parents a good idea - we should put a note in the newsletter about your blogspot so people can follow your travels - do you want me to write another article?