Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today might bring sunshine,
Today might bring heat
Today might bring joy and laughter
or even a someone new to meet!

Today is full of possiblilities, and as I continue to work here in the office, I seek to be aware of God's presence in the present of this day!


Arlene Brewster said...

I keep leaving comments but they never show up - am I doing something wrong.

Pastor Steve Poteete-Marshall said...

I am moderating them, I read all but have not published them all

LeroyMoore said...

Steve, I write a poem every now and then and have a started a blog. I don't really understand it yet but nice to see someone else does also.

LeroyMoore said...


May the Light of God’s Love burn within me
May the darkness in my Soul be overpowered by the Light of His Love
May my clipped Wings be healed so I can resume flight
May my Light burst forth like the rays of the Sun
May my Soul become the Rainbow it yearns to be