Monday, August 1, 2011

Spring Floods and Pastor's Schedule

Yesterday our church took a special offering for those who have experienced losses during the spring flooding. We do so because we care about those who are struggling in other parts of our country,people who are just like us, people whose stories have touched our hearts. Today I worked with our advertising salesperson who solicits businesses in our area to advertise in our newsletter. Our these two things connected? Well, by supporting our church newsletter, we can put out the word of what our church is doing. This news is good for existing members, so they can plan to participate in the programs and business of the church so we can be the best stewards of what God has entrusted us to do. And it helps us do the work of God in our neighborhood and world. In sponsoring our newsletter the businesses free us from the expenses related to the publication of the newsletter, and so we can use our resources for ministry and mission. In this way our businesses are our partners in changing the world! I wonder as I go about my work this week if I will be able to see how those in my life partner with me and others so we can change the world for Christ? Pastor Steve

Pastor's Steve's schedule the week for August 1

Monday; Office, Trustees Meeting
Tuesday: Queen of the Valley coalition for the homeless,Meet with Rev. Jimmy Nih Office
Wednesday: Networking breakfast, Office and Bible Study
Thursday: Office, Wedding Rehearsal
Friday: Afternoon Networking
Sat. wedding,
Sunday: Worship, Bible Study, Leave for Camp (August 7-13)

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