Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Journey continues

As I begin the new year, I am taking time to rest from the end of the year celebrations and obligations. I have been asked by many, "How was your holidays?" It is hard for me to put into words everything that was a part of my experience of the holidays, and so I usually say, "I am recovering from Post Traumatic Christmas Syndrome!" But this tongue in cheek comment does injustice to all that happened, and what I took away from the events of December. As I take these few moments to reflect, I am grateful for the joy I experienced, the celebration of Christ's birth, the welcoming of new members, the food, the worship, seeing family, and friends, all of this added richness and depth to my life. I have a renewed sense of what is important, my relationship to God, to my fellow humans, and also my four legged friends. I also have taken the time to evaluate what I need to keep doing and what I can let go of as I continue the journey into 2012. Now I am looking at what goals I have for this year, stay tuned for more discussion of this process and please accept my thanks for reading this blog, and responding to it, I treasure your thoughts!
-Pastor STeve

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