Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homeless and Cooperation

Today I went to a coordinating meeting for those organizations that meet the needs of the homeless in our part of the world. For me it was interesting to see the different agencies and what issues are important to each of them. The common theme was that homelessness is getting worse. For Example, veterans are becoming homeless faster than any other veterans of the past. Supporting our troops means getting together to see how we can help them adjust to life back here at home. It means bringing all our best knowledge, our best ideas, our best compassion for those who have served our country.
Churches have a big role to play, and it is time to stop arguing about who has the best church, and start finding ways to work together to meet the needs of the homeless, the addicted, the mentally ill, to name just a few who really need our help. And this starts with me, it starts with you. Just for today, think about how to bridge the divide between churches and synagogues, and temples etc. Let's find ways to agree to disagree about theology, and get on with changing the world.

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