Monday, January 3, 2011


Good Morning, well except for the rain, and the cold it is a good morning, oh, and except for the problems voiced yesterday during prayer concerns, it is a good morning, oh, and those tasks that await me now that the holidays are done, a huge pile of stuff to go through, with the exception of those, and oh yeah, those things I should of done last month and now drag into this month, I think it is still a good morning. Oh, the golf game I was planing on playing was canceled cause of the rain, and I have not figured out why I am not feeling 100% yet, is it still a good morning?
Well, the church is dry today! No more leaking, the preschool is back in session and the rain has made a dent in our drought situation and the mountains will look great once the clouds lift, and I received good news from my friends on facebook, and I had time to read a bit today and my daughter's birthday went went yesterday, and the tea tastes really good and I am getting to plan for the month and now anticipate all that will unfold this month. Yes, it is a good morning, even given all those challenges which can cause me to forget all the gifts of this day. Thank you Lord, for the gift of this new day and all the blessings there in.

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