Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jesus' baptism

The weather has turned from dark and gloomy, to bright and cheerful. The mountains are filled with snow and my heart is filled with joy! Or is that the coffee talking?
No, it really is joy, joy over being able to view the beauty of God's creation from my office window, joy as I hear the preschool children playing outside in the cool crisp air, and joy over being able to sit and study God's Word in a comfy office. I am thinking about the baptism of Jesus and in Matthew's version of the story, Jesus goes to John to be baptized and John thinks Jesus should baptize him instead. John wants to yield to the power he sees in Jesus. But Jesus wants to blaze a trail that others can follow, to provide a way for others to find a way to participate in being blessed by the Spirit, and working for transformation. Jesus is blazing a trail in the wilderness of life for others to find their way. The signs are there, as we walk the trail of our lives, Jesus has left signs so we can find our way, lighting the path when it is dark and gloomy, so our hearts might once again be filled with joy.

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