Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have you seen my Son?

Tomorrow night, we have a reader's theater presentation called, "Have you seen my Son?". It is a play based on the night Jesus is betrayed, tried and crucified. Each character is a mother of one of the people who were with Jesus, not all of course but a few including Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Hearing the story of the events leading up to Easter from the mother's perspective, reminds me that the disciples, were real people not characters, they were born, raised by mother's, and struck out on the mission with Jesus. Their journey was unusual, full of unknowns and dangers. It was not an easy life, but one they pursued with passion, and dedication. Putting a human touch to the story enhances the power of their testimony to me, how frail and timid they were at times, how scared they were at times, how they abandoned Jesus at this crucial time. Yet God welcomes them back and uses them to spread the good news, their voices echo through time to our day. Even with how imperfect my witness is, God still is able to use me, use you for good, what a miracle is that!

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