Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Preparation (streaming thoughts)

Living, living a life that is worthy of the gift, living in a world where others can live healthfully, living to the fullest, playing, working, resting, all part of living a life, all I take for granted, all I give thanks for this day, an empty tomb, the defeat of evil, the cycle of death and rebirth, all concepts too massive to comprehend fully, yet trusting that doing the dishes, trimming the orange tree all is done in appreciation, in celebration, I did not die on the freeway, or from cancer this day, yet others have, other families grief, do I meet their suffering with healing in all I do this day? And do my decisions come back to enrich my life, or break down the sanctity of life? Does the empty tomb remain simply empty? My tenth Easter in this place, why so long in one place, why this place, what have I heard from the Spirit what have I missed, what am I still working on, what have I completed and need to move on? Friends everywhere and yet business gets priority, is this right or wrong, imperfect or perfectly understandable? What would Jesus say to me , to you to us, and what has he said and we were too busy to listen or care or act? It is a heavy week, remembering the life of Jesus, I wonder if it really has caught hold of my soul so that I can leave behind fear and anxiety just this week, and be prepared to leave the empty tomb and fill the world with love?

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