Thursday, August 9, 2007

Writing: Back in California

Well folks, I tried my best in New Mexico, but the internet was down a few days and the computers were being used everytime I had a free moment to try to use them. So let's pretend I am sending you these writings as though I am going through the week and you perhaps can get an idea of what my week was like. I was in the writing class: The hear and now; writing to the rythm of your world taught by Jane, a poet and writer. There were four people in the class which worked out wonderfully because we could spend time writing, and giving each other detailed notes about the other's work. I have been in classes so large you do not get much feedback. We met for three hours each morning, and we were given homework to work on the rest of the day. We had a joint class with another writing group on Wednesday, and then on Friday read our work for the whole Ranch, although not everyone could come due to conflicts so we had an audience of about 100. I will include later this week my reading. Okay, so enough details here is the first piece:

Ghost House


Seperately Good
together strong

creating a
sanctuary for writer's and painters alike

Six beams
secure the roof
creating coolness and shelter

From the storms that rage outside and in!
SPM 7-31-07


Arlene said...

Well nice to have you back in California where you belong - Glad you had a good time - all too soon it will be back to the real world and back to work - time flies when you are having fun.

rockinghorsenab said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time. The class sounds like it was really great. I think I would be rather intimidated reading my writing to the whole ranch though!
The poem is really good.
Take care, say hi to the family!