Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day weekend!

Is it hot enough for ya? Well, I have retreated to as much air conditioning I can get to. I have been catching up on reading, I have started reading the Message Bible and am working my way backward starting with the last book of the O.T. and moving towards Genesis. It is so fun reading with new eyes. I am also working on writing and tidying up the work space here at home, and in honor of labor day weekend made some repairs and even installed a ceiling fan, I have also made plans to attend my parent's 50th wedding anniversary back in Massachusetts. The invitations are now out, so the details are falling into place, I just hope people can come, it is being held in my home town of Orange Massachusetts, at the Orange United Methodist Church. Okay have I mentioned Massachusetts enough yet?
I was saddened this week by the news of a member of Walnut UMC dying this week. Prabhu Rawate, who was undergoing treatment for cancer. This is the third person from the congregation this summer to enter the eternal home, Jackie Behrens and Enid Andrews died earlier this summer. I find it most difficult to be away during the time of a loss, visiting with the family. As a pastor, that is one of the most important times to offer care to those in the congregation. These three losses have caused me to realize how much I miss everyone at Walnut, and look forward to returning with a sense of renewal and revitalization. In the meantime now and everymore take good care of one another!


Jim Brewster said...

We at Walnut, are really working to pass on our love and comfort. They do understand that you needed to be away, and are looking forward to your return.

Arlene said...

Jim is much kinder than I am - He is working very hard and Walnut needs you BACK!! Also we are working hard to make many plans that will keep you more than busy when you get back - so rest well, celebrate much and hurry back.


Jim Moran said...

Is reading the Message backwards something like playing a Beatles' record backwards?

rockinghorsenab said...

Jim has been doing a super job of taking care of us while you are away. However, as Arlene said, I think he will be VERY happy to see you return. More has happened then anyone bargained for! Happy reading and Happy 50th to your folks.