Sunday, August 26, 2007

TIme is moving fast!

Hello, sorry about not posting before this, my computer has bit the dust. The motherboard is now broken so although I can access my info, I can't use it for posting, so I am dependent on computer access from the family. Okay, I am still writing, and have started on the books I wanted to read. I have finished two books, one from Peter Lundel on Renewal and revival, and have found myself needing to spend more time in prayer. Today, I spend two hours for the first time in a long time, praying and writing to God, not for publishing but for my own renewal. This does not mean that I have stopped writing for publishing, it is just an addition. Also, I have been very aware of how out of shape I have become. Even with being able to rest, I am sore, I need to build more muscle so my arthritis will not bother me as much. So I have started practicing yoga to a tape, and this seems to be helping me become less sore and feel more in shape. I plan to keep walking as well, and will gradually increase the miles. I am up to two miles a day right now. I would like to be able to walk about 5 miles at a time. I am also eating better food now that I am home and can decide what to eat. I am back to taking more vitamins that were reccomended by my acupuncture consult at one fo the retreats I attended. I will be publishing more writings. I am glad to hear from you, so far it seems only three folks have been brave enough to post a reply, but if you are reading this, please let me hear from you either here or at my e-mail address. Blessings, Pastor Steve


David said...

you are not alone

rockinghorsenab said...

Hey Pastor Steve,
Glad to hear that you are getting in touch with yourself. Sounds like what the doctor ordered! When you get back, if you are interested, I have a dvd on chi gong. It is a really relaxing form of exercise and is the basis for tai chi. Good luck with the writing, looking forward to some good reading material!

Jim Moran said...

Remember our Creekside early morning walks? Early this summer I noticed a few of the Chinese from the neighborhood gathering in Creekside and doing the meditative chi gong exercises. Then every week I noticed a few more joining the group. Now it looks like about 30 gathering every morning at about 7. It appears that anyone can join in. You might want to drop by and check it out.

Jim Brewster said...

Glad to hear you are working on your self!!! Looking forward to seeing you and reading some of what you are writing. However, it will have to wait for me to take my VACATION!!!

See you soon!