Monday, February 27, 2012

Pioneers and Imagination

I am watching the program "All Creatures Great and Small" on my Kindle Fire. This program has been a favorite of mine for years, and it is fun to watch them again. James Herriot reports on the doctors of his times who have frustrations. These very caring professionals and they wished they could prevent the illnesses they saw impacting the lives of the people they served. As science improved the veterinarians were able to offer new therapy's, and interventions that improved the lives of the farmers and the animals they raised. I see a similar frustration with those of us who have special needs children, we are trying to find ways that work for our children, therapy,surgical intervention, prescriptions , etc. We are all pioneers, learning and trying and failing and sometimes succeeding, so that those who follow us will benefit from our knowledge. The key I think is to keep using our greatest gift, our creative selves. I believe we need to use our imaginations to create new strategy's that will perhaps succeed, perhaps fail, but will lead to breakthroughs. That is why support groups, both on line and in person, are helpful. For my family, members of the 18th Chromosome Society are chromosome imagineers, working to bring into the world of our beloved ones hope and joy, ways for them to live as happily as possible. This is not easy work, it is not always appreciated, but I firmly believe it will make a difference, so as Dory says" Just keep swimming, swimming". Love to all,Steve

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