Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again!

I have just returned from vacation time, and now am preparing for Lent. As I return to the work of the Walnut United Methodist Church, I am aware of how important the folks who work so hard to run the church, make sure the business is being taken care of, who sing every week in the choir etc. etc.! I serve as Pastor, with those who have dedicated their time and energy mostly on a volunteer basis to serve God. I am reminded of hiking with my fellow Boy Scouts back a few years ago. We were backpacking, and each of us took turns taking the lead. When it came my time, I set the pace I was comfortable with, but soon there came a shout from in back of me, the rest of the group was falling further and further behind. I had set a brisk pace but forgot to check to make sure everyone was still with me. So, our Troop leader talked to me about making sure when I lead a hike the rest of the people are following.
Today I am appreciative of those who lead and those who follow, and especially those who teach others how to lead effectively. I am also appreciative for God's leadership, who goes with me wherever the trail might lead.

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