Monday, May 24, 2010

Nashville and the Flood

We just returned from Nashville from the Festival of Homiletics, a time of immersion in worship, music and fellowship. Being there so close to the floods that impacted the area on May 2-3, I had the opportunity to witness the some of terrible devastation, hear the stories of those who lost homes, lives.
So often being immersed is used as a positive thing, but being immersed in flood waters is messy and toxic. So using this insight from my wife, I wrote a poem that contrasts these two ideas.

Water, clear, pure, shinning in the light.
Water, muddy, toxic, flooding in the dark.
Water contained, managed, purified,
Water wild, uncontrolled, escaping,
Water flows in us, flows in the world
Sometimes uninterrupted,
Sometimes channeled,
Water we cannot live without
Can sometimes cause death
Both reminders of the power of the one who created water.
SPM 5-22-10

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