Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday we planted our peace pole, it was a grand event, perhaps the highlight of our year! I read a poem on peace I wrote when I was thinking about how peace making can come in the ordinary moments of life. We can be peacemakers in our homes, in our community, in the world, by practicing peace as we go about the routines of life, cleaning house, eating meals, reading to our children. So I wrote this poem about one of the rituals I love, making coffee!

As the coffee maker grinds the beans, so may your word, O God grind
UP the resentment, and sin within me, so I might be free to pursue you!
as the coffee maker causes the water to boil
so may faith cause my heart to warm and open to the needs of the world.
As the coffee maker causes the water to drip over the beans
So may the Spirit pour upon me to revive my soul.
As the coffee maker causes the flavor of the beans to spill into the carafe
So may life call to my gifts and graces and guide me and guide me in contributing to the world.
Ah, the aroma, brings me accumulated memories of when I
Have shared a cup with friends and family.
Ah the taste brings me energy for the future
Ah, sharing brings me into communion with other like minded
Coffee drinkers who raise their mugs in thanks for a moment of joy.
SPM 3-31-09

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