Sunday, December 23, 2007

Turning Harm into Good

When you have been hurt it is hard to let Out the agony
The denial of your pain is collaborated by Those closest to you
They do not see, they turn away when The harm is exposed
They evangelize against you.
Often, you are the only one who can choose a different way
But as a pioneer for good health,
You leave cherished ones behind, but not forgotten.
You know you cannot ever go back
Never choose the old habits,
Yet you wonder if you will always be alone
Unable to speak of the past
In a moment of circumstances
Reversed, you control the care of those Who did not care for you, and you cannot Choose with any good conscious to harm Them the same way their bitter hate Wounded you, and so the divide Becomes greater to those who do not try to understand.
Still others do understand for they have been there too
Unique in their stories, but woven together with yours
Partners in transforming harm into good.
SPM 2007

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