Friday, December 14, 2007

The Scrooge in Me!

Just for fun I wrote an opposite piece:

This Christmas I want to create havoc and fear in the world
When I gather with friends and family
I want to be bitter and resentful
When I send out x-mas cards I want my worlds laced with
envy and malice
I will not be satisfied with gifts and resent others who got stuff I wanted
I will brood and fume over what could of been rather than enjoy the moment
This Christmas I will, out of guilt, fulfill the required outward signs of celebrating
the season
Go to Christmas Eve services
Give money to the poor
Drink a toast to the new year
But inwardly I will feel unappreciated, ignored, taken
advantage of and feel insecure.
This Christmas I will drink too much, eat too much
spend too much, and excuse the excesss to being in the spirit
Yet still get a holiday hangover that will only add fuel
To the yuletide log of guilt and emptiness.
Yeah, Christmas comes but once a year, but the gloomy cloud
of self pity lasts the whole year round!

1 comment:

rockinghorsenab said...

Too funny, I'm sharing this with my daughter! She is being a little scrooge this Christmas.