Friday, February 27, 2015

Does our writing matter?

Writing, typewriters, journals, computers, does the writing we do count, does it matter, does it make a difference? I believe we, each of us have the gift of contributing to the world, and if we withhold our contribution, what ever that may be, means the world is that much less creative, joy full, wonderful, focused. To withhold our writing for those of us who write is depriving ourselves and others from discovering the gift we have to share, our piece in the solutions for the worlds ills.
However, even then,  I hesitate, I procrastinate, I keep my words and thoughts and emotions to myself. It is a shame, and even if not one single person reads what I write, I miss the opportunity to create, to explore, to contribute.
The world is full of critics, and forces that stifle our creativity, that oppresses our spirit, and we can become world weary, scars on our souls can make us careful, too careful, and we fail to risk, taking shelter in our wounds. But if we open to the creator, the creation, the power of the universe that wants  to bring beauty and joy and love, then we discover a power greater than ourselves and we can find that power in times of injury and sorrow, as well as in times of great joy.
So, perhaps it is time to let go of the wounds and allow the healing and the writing to begin..

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LeroyMoore said...

I so agree. It is difficult at times to do so but if one finds the courage, the rewards are great.

Use your brain but follow your heart, it will lead you to Love which is your purpose in the world.
I am talking about knowing what is in your heart and having the courage to act upon it in the presence of whatever fear you may have. Most of us live our lives based on fear and doubt and it is those who have the courage to live their lives... in love, hope and faith that find the purpose in their life and the joy and peace that arises out of that. I teach what I need to learn. The one thing that I have learned is that Love is all that matters ultimately because God is Love. All things are possible with God and without him, nothing else matters.