Sunday, July 27, 2014

Human Sexuality and the Church

On the issue of human sexuality, we are a society that is very often divided. In the midst of this division, how we think about our sexuality is changing. The standard descriptions are being blurred, gay, straight, bisexuality, transexual, definitions are changing from hard set to softer lines. This understanding is one of exploring the depths of each of us, and who we are, not just as we have tried to define ourselves. In the past sexuality has been a mystery to be feared, boundaries set, rules of engagement established. We have divided ourselves into camps, and spent little times to understand one another.
This is all to our failing our understanding our complexity as a human and as a human race. This keeps us divided and perpetuates the ill will towards one another. I would like to imagine a world where we are free to be all God has created us to be, in the great diversity united in the common passion to create a world of peace and justice.
What does the future hold? I am not sure, but hope we can at least have a discussion, figure out how to heal the hate, and prejudice towards people of differing sexual orientation, so people can come out of the shadows and live in peace. is the site where the conversation is going on in the United Methodist Church. You can join the conversation there, or on line, or with persons in the church community you belong.
Human sexuality is an issue that will not go away as people discover who they are, who they want to be in public, in a free and just society.  My hope is that we learn to accept one another and not blame the ills of society on the scapegoats of those who are different than us. We need to stop living in fear of who we are, how diverse we are, and come to join together to face the hard issues of life, to feed the hungry, to break the bonds of prejudice, to transform the world.

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