Friday, November 2, 2012

Cafeteria Workers

Beneath the impatience with the slow service
In the University Cafeteria
Lies a deeper impatience of the workers who
have few rights
Laboring to work, to be respected by their efforts
Despite indifference of their managers.
Who would like to turn them into machines
void of human demands for safety, hassle free environment,
A voice who finds a compassionate listener.

Beneath my disappointment with the room of my hotel not being cleaned
in time for my nap,
Lies a deeper disappointment in these workers who labor long hours
And could be fined at my hint of a problem
By those who could easily investigate allegations and deepen their fairness or not.
Who instead disperse with women who do not play their games.
Disappointing sisters, mother's women with their crass comments, beating them up with their words of cruel teasing.
Beneath my need for power to live a privileged life, as the coal mine diggers who risk their lives for a the profit of globalized businesses, who have an unending hunger for power and profit, investing little back into the communities they rape of resources and labor.
Beneath the status quo their thousands of voices crying out for respect, and fairness, equality and justice but are we willing to listen or go on overwhelmed with the responsibility we have to fight for transformation?
SPM 10-18-12

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