Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Writing consistently is a practice I am still getting used to. I realize I have not posted for a bit, and so it is time. I wonder if you too have practices that you want to do in your life, but changing your routine to include these new habits takes more time than you realize? God calls me to new ways of living all the time, but I often dig in and resist, even when I know there is a reason for changing. I continue on my self destructive ways even when I see these ways do not serve me. I wonder if it is true for you to? The good news is that Jesus is the Lord of resurrection, and even when we do not have the energy or the vision or the will to "do a new thing", when we rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can be surprised what we have the energy to do.
So the habit that remains the most important is to keep open to the Spirit and how God is moving in the day. Staying open to the the Spirit requires me to observe with my soul, not just with my eyes! So for today, I pledge I will leave room in my busy schedule to listen and respond! How about you?

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