Thursday, October 27, 2011

I woke up with a sense of sadness that our bible study class, Jesus and the Gospels concluded it's 30 week session last night. I loved the study because of the people who were enrolled and the discussions we had. We wrestled with what the Gospel message has to say to us in our living. At the end of each session we were asked to reflect on the question: "Do you want to become His Disciples Too?". Even after the 30 weeks I am still wondering if I say yes, what am I saying yes to? I came to a new appreciation of the radical message of Jesus to live differently, to make different choices, to keep grounded in my relationship to him. This is a challenge for me because I tend to worry about so many things, and Jesus does not call me to worry about what it means to follow, what I am saying yes to, rather to say yes and trust in him to lead me. That is a life long journey for me to take, and I am glad for the class and their insights to what it does mean to follow, to have faith.

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