Monday, October 18, 2010


Recently I read an article, referred by a fellow clergy person who said to read it with an open mind. The article was on church growth and the failure of some churches to grow because their preoccupation with homosexual rights. The article then quoted how a Hispanic pastor who went on record in support of same sex relationships which caused quite an uproar in churches in Central America, to the point where that denominations churches were held as suspect for supporting this pastor, and rights for homosexuals.The article then went on to say the church is shrinking while other churches who have taken rigid stances against homosexual rights are growing, so we need to leave this issue behind.
My conclusion is much different, is it not shame that there are those who think there are those in the world who are not worthy of God's love even when Jesus promises that we all will be included in the kingdom due to God's grace, not due to anything we do or not do? I am so saddened by the violence done in the name of Jesus and especially when it comes to those who happen to born with a different sexual orientation than mine. Who are we to judge when it is Jesus who will judge, and how many suffer needlessly because they are hated for their sexuality, thrown out of churches, or even killed? Why can't we take a stand and say this hatred is contrary to God's love? Why do we chose to remain divided so the power of God cannot work to bring our world closer to peace? I remain as always confused about why we allow this issue to be a preoccupation when so many die of starvation, from war, from HIV/AIDS, are abused, and are striving to live. Anytime we say someone is not worthy of God and another believer is wrong to include this person, I believe God sheds a tear. I wonder is this being open minded enough?

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