Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Poem in honor of World AIDS day

For 26 years the United Methodist Church in the California-Pacific Annual Conference as been offering Strength for the Journey Camp, a one week retreat for people living with HIV/AIDS. Through the years I have been humbled by the experience of being on staff for most of those years, and now serve as our conference HIV/AIDS task force chair. Last year I wrote this poem about my experience of camp.

Tired, sore muscles
But peaceful conversations
About terribly important subjects
Intertwined with soft warm breezes
And Bright Sun!

This camp is unique, never again
Will our lives be together,
At this precise time
At this precise place
This sacred place
With these holy people
Who will live in the empty spaces
Of our hearts forever!
Tired sore muscles
Campers still relaxing
Not quite ready to allow
Their beauty to
Touch all our Souls.

I read this at the talent show and was asked about the line: "Not quite ready". I was trying to convey the sense that there was some reluctance by some to let go of all their defenses and allow the unconditional love and support into their hearts. By the end of the week, many had, mine had.

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Larry C said...

Abraham Joshua Heschell has 2 wonderful quotes that speak to the responsibility of The Church to all those who suffer.
"The opposite of good is not evil. The opposite of good is indifference."
“In a free society some are guilty, all are responsible."

Far too often Christians hold on to prejudices and indifference. The Church cannot truly move forward until we learn to let these sins fall away.