Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Luke 24: 41

Luke 24:41 "While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering"
Wow, can I really be in joy of seeing Jesus yet still disbelieve? Can I pray and offer all my burdens yet hold on to them? Can I worship with thanksgiving, yet still hold on to the pains I have suffered? The disciples had seen the hands and feet of their resurrected Lord and Master yet they still wondered, is this really Jesus? I admit I too often can miss the presence of Jesus in my life, if I am too self centered, too self absorbed and too full of hurt. Letting go and Letting God is a pilgrimage I take every day, discovering anew the presence of Jesus in life and how to witness to this.

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Anonymous said...

I liked your comment. It's facinating that "in thier joy" they experience doubt or unbelief. I usually experience doubt "in my distress" or some other negative emotional context.

I guess there is usually some kind of emotional context for beliefs and unbeliefs---for thoughts--- that prgmatic tyypes might not always want to admit.

And what a lovely and safe context joy in Jesus being alive should be.